accommodation We are very strict on cleanliness and only use vet quality disinfectant that is used in our vets practice. Every bedroom is cleaned out twice daily and water replaced and dry food given. The whole complex has the floors washed twice daily to ensure the health safety of our guests.

In our cottage we have air conditioning that is set to a happy temp all through the worries for the owner that their loved fur family member is hot or cold.

We have a LCD Television playing all day.......the human gets to choose the movies or music videos.....we haven't had a guest complain yet..

At night we have the music on low for peaceful relaxation sleep. We also have a nightlight available if your dog sleeps with one on. (some dogs sleep in the kids room and are used to this) Just let us know on check in.

We have camera's for security and a sound system so we can check in on the kennel building at night from our bedroom.

If your dog is social at home, he or she may like to have a friend to share their holiday bedroom (only after full temp testing and he/she is very social).

Our staff are all very experience dog carers and have been in the industry for many years.