activitiesHere at Just Like Home we like to make it like that..........Like Home.

As long as your dog is social then he / she is allowed out with the other guests with one of our trained animal care assistants. We have playtime all may be a ball game or a chase around with another may be he/she just wants to sit on the couch and chill.........whatever makes them happy...we do.

At lunchtime we all go in and have lunch.......(please see menu page). We have about an hour inside in our rooms and then its out for afternoon play or chill... When its time to pack up and get settled for bed everyone is given a cookie and a goodnight cuddle. The cottage is locked up and everyone is safe for the night.

We have camera's that link up to our office in our home and we can check on the cottage at night. We also have a sound system and can check this from the office inside our home at night. The kennels are right out our backdoor similar to a suburban home block backyard but on a much larger scale. (We have 5 acres)